We love our customers! and many of them have experience some incredible benefits because of our water

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bluejug • Waco Testimonials

What People Say

“Amazing place! I heard of the healing water and people going to other countries for treatment for different ailments. I went to check it out and have had amazing results of my own. I started drinking 1 liter of hydrogen water a day and… it helped my GI issues. My skin is also amazing! Go see them and let them help you.. they are amazing and treat you like family!”

“This week was the first time Ive ever been to the store, and its a very different atmosphere than were I was previously getting my alkaline water. By listening to the young lady talk about the water with a customer I was really impressed, not just about her knowledge of the water, but the sincerity and concern she showed the customer. I was very impressed! The water at the blue jug was definitely a hit at my home, it taste great and is very good for the Ph in your body. You can definitely taste the difference. I will be a forever customer! Keep up the good work guys!”

“absolutely love this place. We notice such a difference in our energy, skin and hydration with this water. Staff are amazing! Truly so grateful.”

“Always the best!!! Absolutely believe in their Water 100%. And the customer service is always my favorite. I love the conversations I have every time I enter!”

“I absolutely can not quit telling everyone about this water!! If you love water and want to cut cost with bottles you need to go see Kimberly or Peter! The atmosphere is awesome , products are great and they don’t try to sell you everything like another local water store does! They only want you to buy what you need.. I can’t quit talking about how great the water is. Try them out you will love the water!!”

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“I love this place. The owner/manager are very kind and very knowledgeable! They have a wide variety of health products and the best tasting water anywhere! Very pleasant experience here with the owner today, and will be a customer there for life. Their waters (alkaline/hydrogen) taste great and they strive for exceptional service. I’d give 10 stars if I could. Great customer service, freedom loving owner, friendly employees, and great water/health products. Absolutely love this place!!!”

“Always an enjoyable experience. I learn a lot every time I visit and the customer service is awesome. Its great to know you can find good clean water that’s beneficial to our bodies.”

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